Everyone must crave to be successful. Every person is different in measuring success that has been achieved or not. A student determines the size of his GPA. An employee might measure success through career achievement. An entrepreneur may measure success when his sales turnover reaches a specific number, became success can be said to be the subject: different people, different sizes.

Biggest Oil Palm Company in Asia

Not only in the paper sector, but Tanoto also has a business sector in oil palm plantations through his company, which is Asian Agri. The company was founded in 1979 and is one of the largest oil palm companies in Asia. Naturally, the article, the land they manage in North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi, reaches 100,000 hectares.

Besides, they also have 25 thousand employees to manage their oil palm plantations. Royal Golden Eagle also houses a company called Apical Group. This company is one of the largest palm oil exporters in Indonesia.

Apical Group has ten palm oil processing facilities spread throughout the world, five refineries, and three biodiesel production sites.

The road to success is not easy, if the path to success is easy, surely everyone will live it, and many people are successful but not a few who fail. The reason why you never achieve success is that someone stops before someone starts or steps after someone starts. There is a feeling of wanting to stop halfway when facing failure and frustration on the road to success.

Sukanto Tanoto

There is a successful businessman named Sukanto Tanoto. He is one of the founders of a philanthropic institution, the Tanoto Foundation. Before establishing the Tanoto Foundation, Sukanto Tanoto, founded a company he used to start from zero, named Royal Golden Eagle which in Indonesian is Raja Garuda Emas, a global company engaged in the natural resource management sector.

RGE was founded in 1973. Besides being an entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto is a talented visionary and pioneer for several industries in Indonesia. He started his first business with the management of the wood industry. The achievements that he has no doubt. He also has several companies that have managed themselves, one example of the April Group and Asian Agri.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy; it is not as fast as the predictions we have been dreaming of. There are three successful ways that Sukanto Tanoto has been applying to his children. First is the entrepreneur who has a high tenacity in doing something. Therefore, we, as entrepreneurs, must always be persistent and tenacious when doing business.

Then becoming a successful entrepreneur is the one who innovates and can make a difference. Being unique is the key. Starting a business must require creative, innovative, and exciting ideas. By making the material, which will be marketed, then changed to be unique, different from the others, will have a distinct impression for entrepreneurs or other languages ​​is unique. With creative production can make the company much discussed and will have a positive impact on the company.

Then the step when the spirit of learning is high, it is the primary key to become a successful entrepreneur. Anderson Tanoto, Sukanto Tanoto’s son, said that successful entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who always learn from failures and experiences of others that we often see daily, and we as spectators. Make a change so that it does not repeat to us. With the failure of the experience of others, you can learn how to run your business. And here are the three keys to success as Sukanto Tanoto.