Customer experience is currently one of the most important areas of competitive struggle between companies. In modern economy, product or service features are becoming less and less important for customers. Instead, the importance of experience in business relations with the company increases.

The logistics industry is no different in this area from other industries. Freight forwarders also need to focus on customer experience. Lack of appropriate actions may result in the loss of even the most loyal customers.

What is customer experience?

All the interactions a customer has with a company and its products or services. The impression a company leaves with a customer across every stage of business relation. The culmination of everything people think and feel about a company, product or service, and employees. There are many definitions of customer experience.

Customer experience is difficult to assess. That is why companies are implementing a number of metrics aimed at measuring it as precisely as possible.

How can freight forwarder improve customer experience?

What should companies do to strengthen positive customer experiences? What are the most important steps in the process of improving CX?

  1. Analyze and evaluate sales results

It is very difficult to manage processes that are not controlled. That is why it’s very important to measure, analyze and evaluate every action in sales process. Received inquiries, send quotes, accepted quotes, bookings – those are the most important performance indicators that every logistic company have to 

  • Know and understand your client needs

Understanding the real needs of customers is one of the basic requirements necessary to improve their experience. It is impossible to take corrective actions without knowing the customers’ expectations and their assessment of current solutions.

  • Look for solutions that increase the level of customer experience

Measuring performance indicators and understanding customer needs are the first two steps to improving customer experience. The third is to design and implement appropriate solutions.

  • Use modern software to automate your sales

What are the benefits of using the freight rates management system beyond the ability to prepare and send instant freight quotes? The software allows you to monitor each stage of customer relationships – from the receipt of an inquiry to the issue of an invoice. Thanks to this, it is possible to analyze all stages of customer service, eliminate adverse effects and strengthen those that bring the best results.

Freight rates management system allows also to deal with two major concerns in delivering customer experience improvement – quality of service and employee engagement. When quality and level of engagement doesn’t meet client needs, the customer experience will be poor. Modern technologies allow to accelerate customer service, act proactively and achieve better results. An additional benefit is less time and labor consumption. This has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and helps improve customer experience.