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In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need a fuel management system because everything would be working the way it was supposed to. Every department in the automobile company have a set target to improve the productivity of the organization. Unfortunately, in the real world, things often don’t turn out the way you wish them to be. There are factors you have no control over, like hike in fuel prices or changing customer demands. You cannot do anything but adjust your company’s policies to make the best out of the situation. 

However there are things that you can control and an agile fleet fuel management system provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions ensures that you get regular updates about them. For instance, there may be drivers and technicians who exploit the company’s fuel and use them in their personal vehicles. Or maybe they are using the company’s vehicles for their personal errands? In any case, it is your profit margin which is taking a huge hit. Here are some effective ways to avoid fuel fraud;

1.Limitations and Liabilities 

First and foremost, you need to draw an inventory of the number of vehicles that are dispatched, where they are going and how much fuel they need. The extensive database should be developed in way that is easy to customize and access by the authorized parties. Also, limit the fuel usage and resources that you allocate to each driver or vehicle to a bare minimum. This might seem to be a liability at first but it is one of the most cost effective way to cut down on fuel costs and reduce wastage.

2. Background Checks and Credibility

Next, you need to hire people who are credible and reliable. Have an intricate and advanced recruitment process with interviews and tests to check the skills of the driver. Also, we would recommend that you issue driver IDs and certifications to identify the driver and the vehicle. Ensure that all your vehicles are registered and that you have all the details pertaining to the car/truck at your fingertips. This becomes important in case the vehicle is stolen or used for illegal purposes, you might use this information to lodge a complaint against the driver.

3.Live Tracking and Monitoring 

Every vehicle these days comes with an in-built GPS navigation system that allows entrepreneurs and developers to keep an eye out on the vehicle at all times. You can check for yourself if the driver is following the route specified by the map. In case you notice the driver deviating from the path, have a system installed in the vehicle that would allow you to reach out to him immediately or stop the vehicle. 

This is a very crucial feature that can prevent thefts, accidents and other untoward incidents. Most cab companies and transport businesses are incorporating this feature in their cars and trucks for better efficiency and road safety.

4.Driver’s Training Program 

We would also recommend that you hold regular workshops, meetings and seminars for the drivers to inform them about the latest rules and regulations laid down by the state. Ensure that the drivers are well trained and know how to handle the vehicle, irrespective of the traffic conditions. You can even track the speed and the fuel levels of the vehicle with the fleet management system for better control.

5.Regular Trip Reports 

Ensure that your driver is providing regular updates and trip reports to the database as and when he completes a trip. With regular trip reports, complete with time cards and fuel usage, you can determine exactly where the vehicle has been and how much fuel has it consumed. 

So, these are some of the ways fleet fuel fraud can be avoided, which will surely lead to increased productivity.